Yuru Camp’s Creamy Soup-Style Pasta with Bacon, Mushrooms, and Asparagus: Perfect for some Laid-back Camping or the Comforts of Home

00Soup style pasta - Yuru Camp 05 - 01

Rin’s soup-style pasta from Yuru Camp!

I love camping and spending time outdoors in nature, so of course my favorite series this winter anime season is the relaxing Yuru Camp… Cute girls going camping while finding friendship and enjoying nature along the way? Yes, please! Sign me up! And, as a bonus, they also happen to eat all sorts of yummy-looking food while on their excursions!

Today’s recipe is from episode 5 of Yuru Camp, in which Rin tries her hand at cooking while camping. She’s not very experienced at cooking on the trail (usually opting for cup noodles) and decides to make a simple, creamy one pot soup-style pasta dish with bacon, mushrooms, and asparagus that can easily be recreated on the trail or at home. Continue reading

Pasta Carbonara is an Easy Weeknight Meal that’s Sure to Impress!

Pasta Carbonara - Tamako Market 03 - 01Pasta carbonara may sound like some fancy Italian dish that will inevitably be full of ingredients you’ve never heard of, but don’t let the name fool you: in a pinch, this meal can be whipped up in almost no time at all… and it tastes delicious! Which is probably why it’s so often featured in anime as a meal that even a high schooler can make, and anyone (even a bird?) will love.

Let’s take, for example, episode 3 of Tamako Market when Shiori coincidentally visits Tamako’s house and ends up staying and making pasta carbonara for dinner for Tamako’s family. They’re all notably impressed by the fancy dinner prepared for them, and shower Shiori with warm praise and appreciation. Of course, this anime is more known for mochi than any other dish, but the fact that this pasta dish gets a good amount of screen-time certainly says something to it’s general popularity. Continue reading

Delicious Meat Sauce Spaghetti Doesn’t Mean You Can Lock me in a Cage.

Spaghetti Amnesia 08

When I saw Toma in Amnesia make spaghetti for the Heroine in episode 8, I thought, ‘oh, how sweet and romantic! Toma’s kinda pushy and too protective for my tastes, but I can see how much he cares. He even made her dinner!’

Thus, with these nice thoughts in my head, I was inspired to make meat sauce spaghetti for dinner…. maybe paired with a big salad and some garlic bread just like how Toma served it up for the Heroine. Perfect! Continue reading