This Day in Anime: Hanami

Hanami - Toradora Bentou no Gokui - 02

Hanami – Toradora Bentou no Gokui

Hanami is the traditional Japanese activity of flowering viewing, in which one enjoys and contemplates the transient beauty of flowers. And, while the word literally means “flower viewing” (“to look” (miru ) + “flower” (hana )), in practically every case, hanami refers specifically to the viewing of sakura (cherry blossoms), though in some cases, its meaning is extended to ume (plum) blossoms, which bloom around the same time. Continue reading


This Day in Anime: Valentine’s Day

Pancakes - Amnesia 01In anime, it sometimes feels like every series (especially if it’s set in high school) features an episode about Valentine’s Day – that day when boxes of chocolate and teary-eyed confessions of love run rampant in a blur of fluttering emotions. And so, as couples around the world prepare to celebrate the wonders of love with their romantic partners through candlelit dinners, red roses, and heart-shaped chocolates, what exactly goes on in Japan? Continue reading