Tasting the Sweetness and Lightening of Homemade Meat Gyoza


A fair warning to those of you who decide to venture into the delicious world of homemade gyoza: You will be forever ruined once you make or taste homemade gyoza. All other store bought, commercial gyoza will no longer satisfy you. That’s how good homemade gyoza is. You have been warned. Continue reading

Home (and Buri Daikon) is Where the Heart is…

Buri daikon - Koufuku Graffiti 12 - 08Tender pieces of fish meets soft, juicy rounds of daikon in this sweet soy sauce based simmered dish that is perfect for those unexpectedly cool nights during the year. It’s especially perfect in the winter when all you want to do is sit inside with a steaming bowl of delicious food. Warm, flavorful, and comforting, with the taste of the mild fish is tempered wonderfully by a bit of ginger, buri daikon is an ultimate comfort food. Continue reading

Upping Your Yakitori Game with Skewers of Tsukune (Seasoned Ground Chicken on a Stick)

Izakaya - Usagi Drop 04It’s always a fun time going to a yakitori restaurant or izakaya and trying out a ton of interesting little dishes. I mean, meat on a stick is usually a good sign a meal is going to be delicious. And, while grilled chicken skin, barbecued liver, and pieces of cartilage might be fun to sample, what I really love to eat is a little known dish called tsukune.

Tsukune is basically seasoned ground chicken that is coated in a sweet soy sauce-based sauce, grilled, and served hot with a raw egg yolk. It’s tender, flavorful, and, when paired with the egg yolk, rich as well. Did I mention it’s also meat on a stick?? Continue reading

Cream Stew: An Underrated Anime Classic

Cream stew - Log Horizon S2 16 - 02When I first heard of cream stew, I will admit that I wasn’t very enthusiastic about trying it out. A stew made with milk really didn’t sound too appealing to me… Maybe I was just dismissing this plain looking stew because I was skeptical about its ultra white and creamy color, or because it was always being out-shined in my eyes by curry rice, another prominent stew-like dish.

But, then my sister-in-law made cream stew for dinner one night while I was visiting, and I was hooked! The stew was unexpectedly delicious, with the flavors of all the vegetables and meat coming to the forefront in a tasty, creamy stew that was rich, satisfying, and hearty. It wasn’t overly creamy or rich, and was so easy to eat. Of course, I had seconds! Continue reading

I’m Sick, So Let’s Make Okayu! (Japanese method)

Rice porridge chicken okayu - Akatsuki no Yona 03 - 01Okay… I got sick and it sucks, so here’s a recipe for okayu, or Japanese rice porridge, which is so often seen in anime… I previously posted a recipe for okayu ages and ages ago, but I’d like to revisit this simple dish again with a slightly revised version that is not only far more standardized, but also easier and quicker to make! This recipe is also more in the Japanese style of rice porridge, with more intact rice grains and a thicker consistency compared to my former recipe, which was more of a Chinese style.

If you have a loved one that has come down with a cold, please make this for them! It’s warm, filling, and comforting to eat, as well as easy on the stomach… You can also customize this dish by adding a variety of ingredients, such as ginger to help with digestion, umeboshi for health, or an egg for added protein. Continue reading

The 8th Item on Yukihira Diner’s Secret Menu: Rice with Transforming Seasoning (Furikake Gohan)!

Furikake gohan Transforming seasoning - Shokugeki no Souma 02 - 08With all its complicated and creative dishes, I never really thought I would actually make anything from the currently airing anime series, Shokugeki no Souma…. But, in an unexpected twist while watching episode 2, a particular dish caught my eye and made me think that maybe, just maybe, the impossible was possible. And so, today we’ll be tackling what is known as the 8th item on Yukihira Diner’s secret menu: rice with transforming seasoning (furikake gohan)! Continue reading

Welcoming Spring with a Helping of Bamboo Rice!

Bamboo rice - Koufuku Graffiti 03 - 03After a long, cold winter, spring has finally sprung where I live, so I really wanted to make a spring-inspired dish to celebrate the change in the weather… but, I wasn’t exactly sure what to cook – that is until I saw episode 3 of Koufuku Graffiti that features a dish called takenoko gohan, or bamboo rice!

When the bamboo plants sends up tender young shoots in the spring, they are harvested, making this dish a springtime favorite… Lightly seasoned and deliciously fragrant, bamboo rice is a simple way to flavor your rice, elevating it from a plain side dish to practically a meal all unto itself. With thin strips of soft aburaage (unseasoned deep fried tofu pouches), tiny fragments of sweet carrot, and the slight crunch of the refreshing and earthy bamboo pieces, eating bamboo rice is a veritable treat. Continue reading