A Taste of Home: Making Wonton and Finding Your Family

Wonton - Ping Pong 06The moment I saw this episode of Ping Pong: The Animation, I just knew I had to share this amazing recipe with everyone who reads my little recipe blog… Not only is episode 6 my favorite of this little sports series that stole so many hearts in the spring 2014 anime season, but it also features one of my favorite meals: homemade wonton! Continue reading

I’m Sick, So Let’s Make Okayu! (Japanese method)

Rice porridge chicken okayu - Akatsuki no Yona 03 - 01Okay… I got sick and it sucks, so here’s a recipe for okayu, or Japanese rice porridge, which is so often seen in anime… I previously posted a recipe for okayu ages and ages ago, but I’d like to revisit this simple dish again with a slightly revised version that is not only far more standardized, but also easier and quicker to make! This recipe is also more in the Japanese style of rice porridge, with more intact rice grains and a thicker consistency compared to my former recipe, which was more of a Chinese style.

If you have a loved one that has come down with a cold, please make this for them! It’s warm, filling, and comforting to eat, as well as easy on the stomach… You can also customize this dish by adding a variety of ingredients, such as ginger to help with digestion, umeboshi for health, or an egg for added protein. Continue reading

Blog Updates from Japan!

Jam toast - Kuusen Madoushi Kouhosei no Kyoukan 01

Running late with bread in my mouth: this is what life feels like at the moment….

Hello all!

As you have probably noticed, there haven’t been any updates on my blog for quite some time… Sorry! But, I’ve actually been in the middle of a big trans-pacific move that has taken me from Chicago all the way to my hometown in Vancouver, Canada, and then onward to my final destination of Tokyo, Japan.

The process of testing, tasting, and posting recipes can be pretty time intensive, and so between packing, unpacking, repacking, and now setting up a new life in a foreign country, I haven’t had the time to put together any new recipes…. I’m also so, so incredibly behind on watching any currently airing anime (so don’t expect any final impressions this time around…. at least not immediately), which is the main reason why there hasn’t been any Anime Food Samples lately.

But! Hopefully things will be gradually settling down, if just a little bit, and we’ll all be able to return to our regularly scheduled anime food-filled lives. I’ve got so many fun recipes I can’t wait to share, so I hope you’ll continue to stick with me!

If you’re interested in my daily life or want more immediate updates on my blog, please come hang out with me on Twitter! And, if you really can’t live without your daily anime food fix, check out my Tumblr, where I post daily images of food featured in anime!

Thanks for all the support, and hope to be back soon with some more delicious anime food :D

Summer 2015 Anime Season: First Impressions

So much anime, so little time… this summer’s anime season has so much to choose from and I have been just so busy with my trans-pacific move from Chicago to Japan… It’s insane how much needs to be done when you pack up your life in one city and move across an ocean to live in another! So, for that reason, my impressions will be really brief and without screenshots (I’ll try to add them in later! Sorry…).

This season, I’ll be looking at 14 anime… If I’ve missed any notable anime, I’d love to hear your recommendations! What are your thoughts on the summer 2015 anime season?

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Anime Food Samples: For the Week of July 5, 2015

What kinds of foods have our favorite anime characters been eating recently? In this special weekly feature, we sample just a few of the many dishes that have popped up during the last week of the currently airing anime season… Would you like rice with that?

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Spring 2015 Anime Season: Final Impressions

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru noha Machigatteiru darouka 01Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works 02Hibike Euphonium 01Owari no Seraph 03Punchline 01Sidonia no Kishi Daikyuu Wakusei Seneki 01Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru Zoku 01

The spring anime season has come and gone…. And, while I found many shows entertaining enough while they were airing, but now that it’s all over and done with, there aren’t really any series that stick out in my mind as particularly memorable. Disappointing to be sure… Well, here’s hoping for better pickings in the summer season.

Today I’m looking at 7 shows that concluded in the spring season, which I think is a little less than usual, but I’m still watching 3 series as carry-overs into the summer season (Arslan Senki, Ore Monogatari, Shokugeki no Souma).

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Liebster Award!


(Updated July, 2015 with questions and nomination from The Garbage Man Reviews!)

Some time ago (okay, it was a long time ago, and I’m bad for putting this off for so long… sorry!), I was nominated by Otaku Daydreams for the Liebster Award!

I’m really honoured and happy to be nominated, and will be answering 11 questions about myself and my blog. The award is a great way to get to know the individuals behind the blogs we all read, and to explore new blogs. Hope you enjoy! Continue reading