RDG: Red Data Girl – 02

Episode 02: The First Hand

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Some time has passed since the end of the last episode, and Miyuki has more or less settled into his new school life. Izumiko’s friends express a lot of interest in him and they anticipate the upcoming school trip to Tokyo, encouraging Izumiko to come along as well.

There’s a strange moment when Wamiya greets Izumiko in the hallway. Bathed in shadow, he asks whether Izumiko hates Miyuki. When she admits she does, Wamiya smiles and tells her he feels the same way, and that he hopes they will go to the same high school together. This scene was pretty odd and even slightly ominous, with Wamiya asking strange things, Izumiko’s hesitant response, and the contrast of light and dark between the two. It also seems like a sworded question, and one has to wonder what Izumiko’s answer might bring about… Continue reading


RDG: Red Data Girl – 01

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I am intrigued by RDG: Red Data Girl, a new series by P.A. Works and Lantis! Based off of a fantasy novel, the premise revolves around the sheltered and quiet 15-year-old Suzuhara Izumiko, her relationship with Sagara Miyuki who is forced to become her protector, and the mystery behind her strange powers.

With gorgeous backgrounds and some solid voice actors, there is just enough mystery and fantasy to want to watch more and discover the secrets behind Izumiko’s existence. I am hoping for good things from this slice-of-life/fantasy anime… Continue reading