Links and Resources

I gather my recipes from a variety of sources, including blogs, cookbooks, magazines, and friends and family. I try to make sure that all the recipes that I blog about are cited at the bottom of the post. I encourage everyone to visit or look more into the sources and links I provide on this page!

More resources and links to add as I put up more recipes!

On the web:

Cooking with Dog – A Youtube channel that specializes in Japanese dishes. Your host is Francis, a dog.

Cookpad – This site used to be all in Japanese, but happily it’s gotten an English translated site! This website has a huge library of user submitted recipes, and boasts a huge range of foods…

Delectable Hodgepodge – A nice resource of recipes ranging from Japanese to Western foods.

Food Wishes – Chef John is witty, funny, and a wonderful cook. He posts great videos of all his recipes, and if I’m in the mood to try something new, I often check his site out for recipes and inspiration!

Just Bento – An excellent resource for all things bento.

Just One Cookbook – Full of great recipes with step by step instructions (with pictures! and sometimes video too!), with an emphasis on Japanese food. Has recipes for things other than Japanese food as well.

Maangchi – I discovered my love for Korean food by cooking from recipes on this site… Includes videos of the cooking process, as well as written instructions with plenty of pictures!

No Recipes – Sometimes great food doesn’t require a concrete recipe…. Contains lots of variety from all sorts of Asian to Western food (lots of Japanese recipes here as well), and is always a great resource for recipes.

Thai Table –  A great resource for authentic Thai food!

Vahrehvah – My go-to site for authentic Indian food! Chef Sanjay Thumma is cheerful and fun to watch in his many cooking videos. Sometimes his recipe ingredients differ from what he actually does in the video (I usually follow the video), but other than that, it’s pretty spot on in terms of authentic taste.

Wagashi Net – For all things related to Japanese confectionary!

In print:

America’s Test Kitchen – Popular, well researched, and prolific… magazines, numerous cookbooks, and even a tv show! A solid resource for Western recipes, but less useful if you’re looking for authentic Asian etc. foods. Sometimes their recipes can be pretty involved.

Fannie Farmer Cookbook – This book has everything from how to plan a dinner party, to how to set the table correctly. Sparse instructions, no pictures, but still useful for the odd recipe.

Flour! – I found this yummy bakery in Boston while attending a conference. When I discovered that the head chef, Joanne Chang, published a cookbook based on her bakery, I just had to buy it! This book has been a really wonderful addition to my kitchen…. Everything I have made from this book has been simply delicious.


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