AboutHello, and welcome to Itadakimasu Anime!

I’m Blue Variance, and I started this blog after years of watching anime and wishing I could eat all the foods my favorite characters were eating… But, often times, the food item in question wouldn’t be easily available in my area, so the only logical solution was to make it myself!

In 2007, I finally traveled to Japan and, in that same year, lived with my Japanese sister-in-law, where I learned some of the basics of Japanese cooking. This interest in Japanese food has since expanded to include all sorts of other foods from all over the world.

This blog is all about my two of my favourite things: cooking and anime. By using anime as my inspiration, I hope that I can inspire you to get into the kitchen, fire up the stove, and learn about another region of the world… and, maybe even pick up an anime series or two along the way, if you haven’t done so before!

Why is this blog called “Itadakimasu Anime!“? Well, itadakimasu can be translated into “I humbly receive” and is usually said before commencing a meal in Japan. Saying itadakimasu also expresses gratitude for the meal, not only for the person who prepared it, but also as a way to give thanks to the cultivation of the ingredients as well. So, in a sense, “I humbly receive” anime!

Itadakimasu Anime! is updated monthly (hopefully!!!), so please look forward to lots of new recipes in the future!

Feel free to check out my MAL profile and my Kitsu library (both of which are a work in progress!)

And, for additional pictures of food in anime, please check out my Tumblr! This is updated pretty much everyday, so you can always get your food fix there!

Feel free to ask me a question on ask.fm!

If you would like to contact me, please leave a comment or drop me an e-mail!


And, if you want to use my recipes in your blog, please feel free to… just properly attribute me as the source and don’t just copy/paste entire posts since I work hard to make original content for everyone to enjoy! 😀 Thanks!

Happy cooking and anime watching!


13 thoughts on “About…

  1. Had a quick little run through your site and like it. Much like yourself, I do like making things I seen from various anime series, but had to do some minor substituting of ingredients. We do have Asian food store here (most are Korean), although been bit too intimidate to check them out. So far, I only managed to make Onigiri and Gyudon successfully – yet might try my hand at some other dishes ^^


  2. So there’s a gourmet in Anime B&B and now a chef in Itadakimasu-anime. Excellent!
    This should help make me even hungrier for foreign delicacies I know not when I will get to feast on.


    • Yay! Shout out to Marina of Anime B&B and her fun posts about anime, food, and more!

      Thanks for your comment, hope you enjoy your time exploring my little blog, and who knows… inspiration might strike and lead you into the kitchen to whip up your own delicious creations! 🙂


  3. Hello! I only just found your page and I am in love! Here in San Diego we have lots of stores to buy the ingredients found in Japanese cooking BUT I never knew how to use them! Thanks for your detailed breakdowns on each recipe, I truly appreciate it and wish I had found your page sooner!


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