12 Days of Anime: 2016 Food Edition – Day 12 – Sweetness and Lightning: A Lesson in Food, Family, and Friendship

0hiyashi-chuuka-amaama-to-inazuma-05Getting good at something doesn’t happen overnight, and no matter how good you are at something now, everyone once had to start at the very beginning, sometime or somewhere.

Expertise comes from hours of practice, the guidance of others, and a whole lot of persistence. You have to work hard, and even though you’ll fail a lot, it’s okay. You have to have the drive and courage to bounce back and learn from your mistakes. You have to be willing to try again and again, no matter what anyone else (or your discouraged self) might say….

To me, Sweetness and Lightning embodies a lot of the emotions I felt when I first learned how to cook. There was a lot of uncertainty and fear of making a mistake, but in the end you can only really progress if you make the leap and just give it a try. And, sometimes you need a little push to get you going…. Which is why I really loved watching Tsumugi, Kouhei Inuzuka, and Kotori bond and band together in order to overcome their individual weaknesses and support each other to create something delicious, satisfying, and wholly heartwarming.

There was also a very realistic edge to the problems or issues the characters have to work through each episodes, ranging from single parenthood and dealing with grief, to resolving fights with friends and getting kids to eat their vegetables.

They started small with a simple pot of rice, and by the end (and with more and more friends along the way), you can actually see how much they were able to progress and improve throughout the course of the series. Sure, they didn’t always cook everything perfectly, but in the end, their “failures” didn’t really matter. What was important was what they learned and how they were able to grow from their experiences.

0doughnuts-amaama-to-inazuma-05-02  0fish-nimono-tamagoyaki-breakfast-amaama-to-inazuma-03-01  0aji-namerou-wrapped-in-shiso-nori-amaama-to-inazuma-100gyoza-amaama-to-inazuma-06-02  0hamburger-steak-amaama-to-inazuma-03-05  0okonomiyaki-amaama-to-inazuma-12-03 0squid-and-taro-nimono-amaama-to-inazuma-08-01  0tonjiru-amaama-to-inazuma-02-05  0vegetable-gratin-amaama-to-inazuma-04-02

Oh, and can we just talk for a minute about how insanely cute Tsumugi is?? I love her adorable expressions when it comes to food! She has a childish wonder that I find so expressive and simply charming…

0gohei-mochi-amaama-to-inazuma-07-05  0bento-amaama-to-inazuma-020spaghetti-amaama-to-inazuma-08  0hamburger-steak-amaama-to-inazuma-03-08

What was your favorite dish from Sweetness and Lightning?
Which Tsumugi expression is the cutest?
Did any episodes of Sweetness and Lightning bring you to tears?

For more pictures from Sweetness and Lightning, check out my Tumblr!


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