12 Days of Anime: 2016 Food Edition – Day 11 – Flying Witch and the Simple Magic of the Everyday


Seasoned fiddlehead ferns from Flying Witch, Episode 7!

Satisfyingly sweet and wonderfully relaxing to watch, Flying Witch was a charming slice of life anime that brought out the magic of everyday life. I loved how simple and gentle the series was, and appreciated the way the supernatural was incorpoarated into the story without it being a major focal point or it feeling out of place from the rest of the world.

But, even more than that, I loved the food. Maybe it’s because I think food is a bit like magic itself, in the way you combine various ingredients (sometimes into a pot over fire!) to create a whole new product, but there was always something so special about the meals in Flying Witch. I really liked the rural farming/foraging aspects of a lot of the meals and how it showed the way raw ingredients make it from the farm and forest to the dinner table. The beautiful settings they ate in were also a lovely treat…

My three favorite meals from Flying Witch were:

1. Seasoned fiddlehead ferns made from ferns that the main cast picked in the forest… They look delicious in a adult kind of way, and (as the episode shows) would pair wonderfully with beer or other “adult” drinks… I really want to make this dish, but I can’t find fiddleheads in my local grocery store!


Bakke (also known as fuki or butterbur) tempura from Flying Witch, Episode 2

2. Bakke tempura (also known as butterbur or fuki) is also a memorable dish for me. I like how Makoto just finds them on the side of the road and starts to forage for them, brings them home. Kei makes tempura out of them, and I like how it really shows the process of bringing food from the wild to the kitchen table.

3. Hotcakes! I mentioned these delectable, fluffy hotcakes in my breakfast post for the 12 Days of Christmas, but they deserve yet another mention here! I want to eat them… smothered in syrup with a bit of butter…. ahhh… yummmy~

0hamburger-flying-witch-10-05  0udon-croquette-flying-witch-05  0tamagoyaki-flying-witch-080pickled-radish-flying-witch-11-01  0hotcakes-flying-witch-11-01  0chocolates-flying-witch-040donuts-flying-witch-01-02  0bakke-tempura-flying-witch-02-03  0apple-pie-flying-witch-07

What was your favorite food from Flying Witch?
Would you like there to be magic in the world?

For more pictures from Flying Witch, check out my Tumblr!


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