12 Days of Anime: 2016 Food Edition – Day 4 – Bento: A 2016 Retrospective


Cute chara-ben from Orange!

You almost can’t get through an anime series without seeing at least one bento… And, 2016 was no exception to the rule!

There were so many pretty bento showcasing a variety of styles and tastes… I’m sure there was a bento from anime this year that would suit everyone’s tastes. But, in particular, I’d like to draw attention to two series that I thought had some exceptional bento: Amanchu! and Orange.


A simple convenience store bento from Amanchu!

In this cute little series about scuba diving, Amanchu! had some really great examples of convenience store bento that looked delectable…  And sure, convenience store bento aren’t the fanciest or prettiest lunch boxes out there, but they’re functional, affordable, and surprisingly good. From shiojake (salted salmon) to hamburger steak, there were lots of yummy bento options to choose from…

And, on the opposite side of the bento spectrum, Orange showcased a variety of very pretty, homemade bento. the main character makes a bunch of really cute chara bento, with onigiri in the shape of bears, rice decorated with adorable faces, and lots of yummy side dishes to enjoy. You can really feel the love she puts into each bento, and I’m they taste delicious, too!

0nori-bento-shokugeki-no-souma-s2-01-04  0onigiri-bento-udon-no-kuni-no-kiniro-kemari-06  0bento-renkon-sausage-flying-witch-090bento-orange-02-01  0bento-udon-no-kuni-no-kiniro-kemari-07  0bento-bacon-wrapped-asparagus-onigiri-tamagoyaki-qualidea-code-010bento-amanchu-05-03  0bento-amanchu-05-01  0bento-amaama-to-inazuma-04

What was your favorite bento of 2016?
Which bento would you like to eat?
Do you make your own lunch, or do you buy it?

For more pictures of bento in anime, check out my Tumblr!


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