12 Days of Anime: 2016 Food Edition – Day 3 – The Food of Super Lovers

0omurice-super-lovers-06So, Super Lovers was leagues away from the best thing I watched in 2016, but if it had one redeeming factor, it would have to be the food. The delicious-looking, often sparkly food was pretty much the only thing about the anime that I was interested in, and for good reason: it seriously looks delicious and nearly every episode had examples of mouthwatering meals.

I’ve also been on a bit of a cafe spree lately, visiting different cafes, trying out sweets and coffees, and just generally enjoying the moment of relaxation cafes can bring, so the fact that a good part of the anime revolves around the opening of a cafe also pushes this into one of my favorite 12 anime food moments of 2016.

0salad-iced-tea-loaf-cake-super-lovers-op  0sandwiches-super-lovers-01  0onigiri-super-lovers-04 0ichigo-daifuku-super-lovers-04-01  0hamburger-steak-potage-bread-super-lovers-01  0strawberries-super-lovers-05

What did you think of Super Lovers?
What’s your favorite thing (food or drink) to order at a cafe?
Which food item from Super Lovers was your favorite?

For more pictures of food from the anime, Super Lovers, check out my Tumblr!


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