12 Days of Anime: 2015 Food Edition – Day 9

Ore Monogatari 03For Day 9 of the 12 Days of Anime, we’re going to be looking at sweets. Cute, sparkly, heart-warming sweets, that happen to be made by one particular girl, equally charming as the treats she makes, named Yamato Rinko. That’s right: it’s time to take a look at the love-filled sweets of Ore Monogatari.

In pretty much every episode of Ore Monogatari, Yamato makes something for our main characters to munch on, whether it’s heart-shaped sweet-looking savory scones, elegant Japanese wagashi, roll cakes, cookies, or full on multi layered cakes. For me, it was always the highlight of the episode, mostly because I really loved how she showed her sincerity and affection for the people around her through the food she made.

I definitely identified with this part of Yamato’s character, mostly because I’m guilty of the same kind of behavior in real life. Making delicious foods and baking yummy sweets with a specific person is mind is definitely one of the ways I like to show my friends that I’m thinking of them.

What was your favorite sweet treat of Ore Monogatari?

Did you identify with Yamato as well?

Wagashi - Ore Monogatari 04  Sweet looking savory scones - Ore Monogatari 03  Cake - Ore Monogatari 03 Sachertorte - Ore Monogatari 02 - 01   

Nikujaga croquettes salmon - Ore Monogatari 13And, can I also just take a quick minute to mention how nice all the other non-sweet foods looked in this series? I mean, just look at this stuff. Delicious. I guess it’s just anime being unfair to real life as usual.

For more images of food (sweet and savory) from Ore Monogatari, check out my tumblr!


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