12 Days of Anime: 2015 Food Edition – Day 8

I’m going to guess that very few people have watched this short 12 episode, 2 minute per episode series that aired in summer 2015. It’s called Wakako-zake, and it’s basically about an office worker named Wakako who goes around drinking and eating at various establishments while complaining about work and life in general.

In each episode she samples a dish and pairs it with an alcoholic drink. Everything she eats looked so delicious, and made me want to eat it too! In particular, there are two dishes I want to highlight for this eighth day of the 12 Days of Anime: uni cresson and monkfish liver in ponzu.

These are two unusual dishes are completely foreign to me, and I had never heard of them until watching this show. They’re admittedly not the most “mainstream” of foods, and their appeal certainly won’t strike a chord with everyone… But, nonetheless, Wakako-zake made them look amazingly delicious.

First off, let’s look at uni cresson, a dish of sea urchin fried up with watercress and eaten atop crispy slices of baguette. I love sea urchin, so I was captivated by the concept of this dish… I imagine it as rich and creamy from the sea urchin, where the flavors of the sea meet the fresh taste of the watercress… Yum!

As for monkfish liver, it’s actually considered the “foie gras of the sea”, and it’s a traditional dish in Japan. The monkfish liver is steamed and served with ponzu, minced green onions, grated daikon, and red pepper sauce. It’s described as silky smooth and simultaneously creamy and rich while being light and delicate.

Would you ever try either of these dishes?

Have you seen Wakako-zake?

And, of course, a sneak peak at what other dishes Wakako indulges in during the course of the series:


For more images of food from Wakako-zake, check out my tumblr!


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