12 Days of Anime: 2015 Food Edition – Day 3

My 2015 was basically made when it was announced that Working! would get a third season. I had been waiting since 2011, when the second season concluded, for this to happen, and when it finally aired in the summer 2015 anime season, I wasn’t at all disappointed by what I saw…. It was still as silly and funny as I remembered it to be. So, naturally this series just had to pop up somewhere in my 12 Days of Anime: Food Edition! And so, for Day 3, I present to you the family restaurant meals of Working!!!

But, today we’re not just looking at any meal: I want to specifically talk about the meals that Inami actually manages to serve to a pair of male customers in episode 1. I liked this scene because it really showed how much she’s grown since the first season.

Inami from season 1 would have punched the living daylights out of them and run away crying. But, season 3 Inami chooses to meet the challenge and serve her customers as professionally as she can manage. It’s a super quick moment, but one that I really appreciated. Because sure, the progress in Working! was slow, but at least it was steady.

What would you like to eat at a family restaurant like Wagnaria?

Of course, Working!!! takes place in a family restaurant, so there plenty of other delectable dishes to be seen! Here are a few to whet your appetite….


For more images of food in Working!!!, check out my tumblr!


5 thoughts on “12 Days of Anime: 2015 Food Edition – Day 3

  1. I’d want to try the classic Japanese “hamburger steak” I always see in anime. Especially with a fried egg on top! Though, I think I would prefer lovely Yachiyo as my server 😉


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