12 Days of Anime: 2015 Food Edition – Day 2

Feast soup chicken kabobs - Arslan Senki 14

After watching a good amount of anime, you kinda realize that you tend to see the same select dishes over and over again. Omurice. Tamagoyaki. Curry. Ramen. Maybe a hamburger here or there…. So, it’s always so refreshing to see something a bit different. That’s why, for Day 2 of the 12 Days of Anime, I’d like to showcase the Middle Eastern inspired foods Feast - Arslan Senki 10 - 01of Arslan Senki!

Sure, wars are won and lost on the battlefield, but if Arslan Senki has taught me anything, it’s that politics is played out over a delicious meal and between sips of wine. With all the food laid out on ornately woven rugs, seeing all the unusual food shown during the banquet scenes so beautifully arranged was always a highlight. Kebabs, flatbreads, cabbage rolls, stuffed peppers, and a myriad of other dishes that are so seldom seen in anime definitely lent the setting a lot more depth than I might have expected.

What did you think of the food in Arslan Senki? (Did you even notice it?)

Does you think food in anime ever adds to the setting of a show?

Feast - Arslan Senki 10 - 02 Flatbread - Arslan Senki 07 Stuffed peppers cabbage rolls - Arslan Senki 10 Banquet - Arslan Senki 15 Meat - Arslan Senki 04 Banquet - Arslan Senki 18

For more images of food in Arslan Senki, check out my tumblr!


5 thoughts on “12 Days of Anime: 2015 Food Edition – Day 2

  1. Weeeeeeeeeeeeell, to be fair, have you ever made tamagoyaki? They’re only the best eggs in the history of ever!

    Food definitely adds to an anime, depending on the theme. Shokugeki no Soma!


  2. Never watched Arslan Senki, but I have the first 3 volumes of the manga waiting to be read on my shelf.

    This mix of Japanese animation and middle eastern food reminds me a lot about my mothers best friend, who is both Japanese and Iranian. She often invites us over to her house for supper, and man is the food delicious. She makes Iranian kebabs with delicious white rice, Japanese curry with loads of delicious spices and middle eastern flare. Both sides of her culture and culinary knowledge mix to create some of the best tasting food I have eaten.


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