Blog Updates from Japan!

Jam toast - Kuusen Madoushi Kouhosei no Kyoukan 01

Running late with bread in my mouth: this is what life feels like at the moment….

Hello all!

As you have probably noticed, there haven’t been any updates on my blog for quite some time… Sorry! But, I’ve actually been in the middle of a big trans-pacific move that has taken me from Chicago all the way to my hometown in Vancouver, Canada, and then onward to my final destination of Tokyo, Japan.

The process of testing, tasting, and posting recipes can be pretty time intensive, and so between packing, unpacking, repacking, and now setting up a new life in a foreign country, I haven’t had the time to put together any new recipes…. I’m also so, so incredibly behind on watching any currently airing anime (so don’t expect any final impressions this time around…. at least not immediately), which is the main reason why there hasn’t been any Anime Food Samples lately.

But! Hopefully things will be gradually settling down, if just a little bit, and we’ll all be able to return to our regularly scheduled anime food-filled lives. I’ve got so many fun recipes I can’t wait to share, so I hope you’ll continue to stick with me!

If you’re interested in my daily life or want more immediate updates on my blog, please come hang out with me on Twitter! And, if you really can’t live without your daily anime food fix, check out my Tumblr, where I post daily images of food featured in anime!

Thanks for all the support, and hope to be back soon with some more delicious anime food 😀


2 thoughts on “Blog Updates from Japan!

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